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Many families take their vacation during summer break, when the kids are off from school. These summertime family vacations provide you and your family time to enjoy an adventure, relax and unwind, and build lasting family memories. Follow along and start planning your next summertime getaway in Pennsylvania!

Start Planning Early!

Since you will be traveling with a group, it is important that you start planning early. Laurel Highlands accommodations fill up quickly during the summer months, so you want to make sure that you are able to find the perfect place to stay during the days you have off from work. Not only that, planning early will allow you to be on the lookout for local coupons to make the most out of every dollar on your vacation.

Determine If You Want to Drive or Fly

The size of your family, how far you are from your destination, how much time you have off from work, and cost of airfare versus gas prices are all factors to take into consideration when determining if you want to fly or drive. The added road trip can provide you with additional vacation fun as you make your way through all the roadside sights and attractions on the way to your Pennsylvanian getaway. However, flying together as a family also has its benefits. Regardless of how you decide to get there, make sure to bring plenty of snacks, games and electronics chargers to help keep the kids entertained on your way.

Look for Vacation Packages

Whether you will be making your reservation online, or with a travel agent – look for vacation packages. Many hotels near Ohiopyle offer Pennsylvania getaway packages that include a comforting room fixed with all the amenities of home as well as access to a couple local attractions to help make the most out of your stay.

Find Somewhere You Can Unplug

While you may not want to unplug completely while on vacation, your Laurel Highlands accommodations are sure to provide you with plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and explore the nature that surrounds you. Unlike the average day at home, you will find that your kids actually want to unplug while on vacation – other than using their phones to snap a picture and capture all the special memories.

Make Sure There is Something for Everyone

While spending quality time together as a family is likely high on your list of priorities, you also want to make sure that you schedule in some time for each person’s individual interests. This could mean making sure that there is time for a kids-free date night, activities that are designed more for the kids, time to head to the spa for a massage, or even time for individual sports or hobbies. Making sure there is something for everyone will help to keep the inevitable vacation disagreements at bay. Just make sure you schedule in some time to do nothing in particular.

Pack the Essentials

Since you are traveling with the entire family, it is important to make a packing list prior to heading out the door to your Pennsylvanian summer getaway. This list should include:

  • Essentials such as toiletries, medications and, of course, clothing
  • Any new items they need to be purchased to help make your stay as comfortable as can be
  • Comfort items like a travel pillow, blanket or even slippers
  • Things to keep the family entertained while on the road or in the air
  • Plenty of snacks and beverages for the hotel room

If the kids are old enough, getting the entire family involved in the planning process will help to build excitement. Then turn to the tips above to make sure that you are on the right track. Start your trip off right by booking your stay at the Donegal Holiday Inn Express & Suites. Located just southeast of Pittsburgh, our Laurel Highlands accommodations provide guests with all the comforts of home and then some, allowing them to sit back and relax after a long day adventuring all through the highlands. Start building your next Pennsylvania getaway and book your stay at the Donegal Holiday Inn Express & Suites today.