Living Treasures Animal Park

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Living Treasures Wild Animal Park



Living Treasures is always a must see every year for my husband and I.  Being huge animal lovers we enjoy getting the up close and personal view of the exotic species. The park is conveniently located only a couple miles east of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Donegal Exit 91 on PA Route 31.

To enter the park you must go through the gift shop which houses a variety of cool things such as Living Treasures Wild animal Park apparel, blankets, toys, key chains, and so much more!  This is also where you can buy food to feed the animals; the carrots are a HUGE hit.  The park stresses to ONLY feed the animals food that they provide.  This is important to maintain the health of the animals as well as keeping them safe.

Three of our favorite exhibits are the Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!  With just a thin glass wall separating us it feels like you are actually next to them!  The Barbary Lion cub was very playful the day we visited and zoomed back and forth in the enclosure.  The Russian brown bears were snoozing as well as the tigers.  The Tiger exhibit features an Asian Tiger and White Tiger.

The park also has a large petting zoo which is a huge hit for the kids.  With goats, sheep, cows, horses, camels, llamas and donkeys it’s sure to be a great experience.  You may even spot a staff member carrying a small alligator that you can touch!  On the other side of the park they also have kangaroos and deer that you can feed, along with pony rides.

Not only is this a great time to spend outdoors it’s also a fun learning experience.  I only touched base on a small portion of what they have to offer.  To see a more detailed list check out their website Living Treasures . The Holiday Inn Express and Suites of Donegal offers discount tickets available for both adults and children, so book your room today!

For more information about the Living Treasures Animal Parks, please visit or call the Donegal Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 724-593-1881 or visit us at


Living Treasures Animal ParkLiving Treasures Animal ParkLiving Treasures Animal ParkLiving Treasures Animal Park